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LD 1274 “An Act To Promote Universal Health Care Including Dental, Vision and Hearing Care”

LD 1274 “An Act To Promote Universal Health Care Including Dental, Vision and Hearing Care”

This is proposed legislation being introduced to the State of Maine legislature.  There will be a public hearing at the State Office Building in Augusta on Thursday, May 4, 2017.  I am planning on providing brief testimony in favor of this bill.  Following is the draft of what I plan on saying:

May 4, 2017

Good Afternoon Senator Whittemore, Representative Lawrence and members of the Committee on Insurance and Financial Services.

My name is Michael Reynolds.  I live in Bucksport and I’m 65 years old.  I grew up in a rural area of mid-coast Maine.  During my younger years, I heard very little discussion relating to the cost of health care or of inability to access medical services.  Fast forward to today. We are barraged with stories every day of people facing financial ruin simply because they are facing an illness or injury.

I am here today to voice my support for LD 1274 – “An Act to Promote Universal Health Care, Including Dental, Vision and Hearing Care”

Our health care system is failing. It denies access to many in need and is expensive, inefficient, and bureaucratic.  Patchwork reforms as currently being debated in Maine and at the national level will serve only to exchange old problems for new ones. It is time for Maine to take the lead to fundamentally change the method of health care delivery and develop a comprehensive universal health program for the citizens of the State of Maine.

Universal single payer health care is the only real answer and this is supported by the vast majority of individuals and physicians.  Businesses that currently provide employee health coverage would see significant cost savings. It would also spur small business growth by eliminating the fear of losing employer paid health coverage.

You will undoubtedly hear powerful and polished testimony from representatives of the insurance industry, other for profit institutions and non profit organizations that have vested interests in the health care industry. Please keep in mind that these are the very institutions that have created our current dysfunctional system.  Eliminating the profits and the administrative costs within these organizations along with the administrative cost burden forced on individuals, physicians and health care facilities will go a long way toward financing this proposal.

There is one thing that we can all agree on – Our current system is broken.  We have an opportunity to lead the nation by truly reforming our health care system and bring to all Maine citizens Universal Health Care, Including Dental, Vision and Hearing Care.  As Maine goes so goes the nation.

I thank the sponsors and supporters of this important legislation and the Committee on Insurance and Financial Services for hearing public testimony.


Michael Reynolds


I will post some photos of the day.  I have a feeling that this will be very well attended.

Sears Island walk

This was a beautiful day for a walk on Sears Island in Searsport, Maine.  Thanks to the warm weather and rain for the last few days, the walking was clear and easy.   Today the temperature was around 30 degrees and totally sunny.  A bit breezy – especially along the beach.

Governor Lepage’s proposed tax revisions

Below is a link to the overview of Governor Lepage’s proposed 2016 – 2017 State Budget.  Check out the details.

A quick view shows that the proposed budget approaches $7 BILLION.  The estimated population of Maine currently is 1,330,089.  Simple math indicates that the State is costing each person (woman, man, child and others) over $5,165 each for the pleasure of residing here for the next 2 years.  That doesn’t include heat, electricity, health care, food or housing costs.

I think the Governor could do better.  I’ll be sharing some of what I feel could be changed in future updates.

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